Tom Sblendorio



Drone Operator

Gavin Law

Project Manager / Videographer

Logan White


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Lucas Brown


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Olivia Walsh

Marketing director

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Alex Green

Account manager

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Ryan Miller

Ryan Miller creates and connects big ideas, communities, stories, and people. In May of 2015, Miller began his role as the Director of the ThINCubator, an organization meant to drive innovation and foster a culture of entrepreneurship in our area. He is an organizer of TEDxUtica, founder of YouticaEATS and co-founder the Utica Firefly Storytelling Project. He is a very…

Tom Sblendorio

Tom went to school at MVCC and has been a photographer for 6 years! Outside of work he loves to create art, rock climb, and hang out with his partner Lexi and their pug Dwight. Tom’s specialties are portraiture and high-end retouching. “I love doing what I do because it gives me chances to meet new…


Gavin has been making videos for 16 years since the days of VHS. He loves filming new things and exploring new areas, is constantly making new friends and tells their stories in a way that communicates their ideas and personality. Gavin loves working with businesses because he gets to help them grow as a company,…