Happy Summer Days

Awesome Summer Days is a summer camp for everyone – accepting children with autism spectrum disorder as well as children who are not on the spectrum. Run by The Kelberman Center, we spent 4 days at The Root Farm outside of Utica NY with a large group of children to capture what this inclusive experience is like for the campers.

The video revolves around an interview with Heather, the Camp Director and was used as a recruitment video to continue to grow the program and to share the campers’ experience stakeholders who have supported the project.  We were able to shoot, edit and create the Motion Graphics used in the piece with a very aggressive turnaround time.

Jill created the custom motion graphics in the title sequence that put a playful spin on the  existing branding of the organization.

“We also have a 2 to 1 ratio of staff to kids. So we’re allowed to give the campers that need it that individualized attention and can support their individualized needs as well.

I think everyone should know that this camp is again a camp for everyone. So if you’re child has never attended a summer camp before, this is the summer camp for them. We have lifelong relationships and friendships that have been created not only with campers themselves but also parents. Theres lots of support groups that go on throughout the Kelberman Center and this is just one of those areas that parents and kids and adolescents can meet and create those relationships that can last forever.”  Heather – Camp Councilor.

Video Stills