Bite Bakery

Recently, Bit Bakery had the opportunity to create an extravagant 6-Tier Wedding Cake that ended up being over five feet tall and 385 lbs. They enlisted Upstate Film Company to document the process and progress of this large-scale project. We spent hours with the baking team to capture their planning as well as the various stages of baking and construction.

We wanted to make sure to highlight the collaboration of the team and but also made sure to utilize slow motion to capture the artistry and intricacies of what goes into making a cake of this size.

“It’s huge for us, as the bakery and it’s also huge for Bite. We’ve come so far in such a short time, going on our second year and this is huge for us because its the largest cake we’ve ever done.” – Doug

“We make everything here. We do make these(gum paste flowers), a lot of people think that we by them but we don’t. Literally handmade petal by petal. I’ve done probably 800-something petals already.” -Amy

Video Stills