Bite Bakery

We were so excited to get to work with Bite Bakery on a video that really captures the vibe and atmosphere of the cafe. We captured some of the stories of how Bite came to be located downtown from owners Jay and Doug, but also spent time in the cafe interviewing customers to chronicle their experiences at what’s become a staple of downtown Utica.

“Going from a home oven, you know, mass producing and a lot of sleepless nights to fill orders. Now being in a commercial space using a commercial oven, its completely different now we are able to mass produce a larger amount a lot quicker.” – Doug

“We meet so many great people every single day and we just can’t thank them enough for being so supportive of this. We realize this sense of community creates a support system and thats what we wanted when we went into this business venture.“ – Jay

“I like to see the cars lining up at 9:00/9:30 waiting for us to open. It means they want to come in and enjoy what we have here.”