The great thing about being a teacher with the blind and visually impaired is that we do get the same students year after year as opposed to a kindergarten teacher. They have them for just the year and then they move on. we really get to work with them very closely. We get to help and watch them as they develop and grow so its definitely rewarding to see that development and to be able to work with them and the families closely to make sure they continue to be successful. – Tiffany | Teacher of the visually impaired

Our agency works with adults as well, sow even after we finish working with our children, our agency still provides services to those individuals once they become adults. – Kimberly | Children Services Coordinator/ Teacher of the visually impaired

CABVI (Central Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired) commissioned a series of five videos that would be used to educate the public about the services that they provide not only to those with visual impairments but with those who may be just starting to experience the first signs of vision loss.

We worked hand-in-hand with the client to create a video around an existing script that was developed in-house before filming. Using that script as our guide we were able to build a visual narrative that not only showcases the services that CABVI provides, but the opportunities that are available to those who are living with a visual impairment.

Video Stills