Upstate Film Company worked with SUNY Poly to capture some of the dynamic energy of their Model UN. We worked hard to capture the emotions that were projected during the day and to highlight some of the young people in central New York who used the experience to give a voice the causes and issues that they are passionate about.

“Our generation has a voice loud enough that it rises up and demands to be heard. We see evidence of this when we open our phones and check twitter, when we sit in our class rooms and pay attention to the education we are receiving and when we spend all day debating why world problems matter and why we need to take the effort to solve them.”

“By just being here today you are saying I am paying attention to the world and I am determined to stand up for whats right . I will not be afraid to speak out on what is wrong, I will stand my ground and I wont be afraid in the face change, change will make me stronger. Change will give me the motivation and drive I need to do something in the world.”

We’re paying attention, we’re listening and we’re making sure we have what it takes to take on the world.

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